Large Format and storm damage at Hareshaw Linn

Another trip to test out my large format film holders, at Hareshaw Linn in Northumberland. This is a waterfall and gorge which I had photographed a few times, but never with large format.

I was slightly concerned that my shots would look similar to my previous attempts, and indeed the attempts of other photographers, since there aren’t that many different angles available.

Last time I visited the main falls looked like this:

Hareshaw Linn
From a previous visit, with a Mamiya RZ67 and Ilford FP4+

However I was now confronted with a very different scene. A large tree (or more than one) had been uprooted from the top of the falls, fallen down the side of the falls, and was wedged into the pool at the bottom. This was presumably the result of the recent “Storm Arwen”.

Storm damage at Hareshaw Linn
How the falls looked on 9th December 2021 – Intrepid 4×5 and Fomapan 100. I can’t see how the large trees can be easily removed from the falls so I suspect they are going to be there for a long time to come.
Near Hareshaw Linn, Northumberland
A little downstream from the main falls – Intrepid 4×5 and Fomapan 100

I exposed the film at EI50 to give better shadow detail than box speed provides, and cut the developing time suggested by the Massive Development Chart by 20%, to protect the highlights. I used HC110 dilution “H” rather than my usual dilution “B”. Dilution “H” is 1+62, which is half the strength of Dilution B and requires twice the development time. In this case the longer development time allowed for the reduction of 20%, without being too short.

I’m pleased to say there were no light leaks on this occasion.

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