Large Format in the Simonside Hills

I’m going through a process of testing my large format film holders at the moment to check out which ones have light leaks. I have about 12 “double dark slides” so that requires 24 images for the first run through.

The quickest way would be to go out into the garden and shoot them all in one go. But that would involve the expense of 24 sheets of film, be very boring, and would produce no interesting images in the process.

On the other hand just shooting each holder with the films I had in stock, on a normal photo-walk, would give the possibility of some useable images but still be expensive.

So I decided on a middle ground approach, which was to buy 50 sheets of Fomapan 100, which is the cheapest sheet film I can buy in the UK. I would shoot these on outings to the countryside or urban landscape, rather than in the garden, but in locations I could re-visit without too much trouble of the images had light leaks.

The first trip was to the Simonside Hills in Northumberland:

Dove Crag
I thought I saw a hippopotamus
Rothbury from Dove Crag
Beware the praying mantis

Some of these shots did indeed suffer from light leaks, omitted here by either a slight crop, or in the case of the last image, a large crop; but at least I have a record now of which film holders are problematic and need repair.

All images shot on an Intrepid 4×5 camera using Fomapan 100 film developed in HC110.


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