The URL of this blog will change

Hi Folks, I’m planning to make a small economy by reverting this blog to a free version; this means that the domain name “” will lapse and adverts will appear on the site.

The new URL will be:

The new URL works now, and the URL ”” will stop working on 13th My February 2021.

My site stats show that most readers find there way here through searching for a specific topic, so that should work the same.

I’m not sure whether the “Follow this blog” function will work following the name change.

If you have the site bookmarked as “”, then you might want to change your bookmark now.

Thanks for your understanding


  1. I read your posts via NetNewsWire, so I’ve dded the new feed and deleted the old. All should be well. Thanks for the heads up; it’s surprising how many apparently moribund blogs I have in my feed that have changed their URL without telling their readers!

    This also prompts me to ask what theme you are using? I’ve had a non-photography blog on WordPress for around 10 years, quite inactive now. I’ve tried adding some photography posts to it, but the theme I used doesn’t really suit. When I look for “free photography themes” (eg here: they seem to be a lot about galleries and such, whereas I’m mostly interested in stories with photography illustration, much as you do.


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