Large format in the engine shed

Yesterday I took the Intrepid 4×5 camera, loaded with Kodak TMax 100 film, to Tanfield Railway, the worlds oldest operating railway, not too far from home.

Against my better judgement I did try to take a picture of a steam train as it came in to the platform for just a few minutes …. of course it was gone before I was ready to even load the dark slide never mind press the shutter. So I moved on to the engine shed where there are many stationery objects better suited to “slow photography”.

I used my 90mm lens to get this image of oil cans on a window shelf with light streaming in through the window.

Click on the image to see a larger version on Flickr:

I also tried to frame some images of the massive loco’s being worked on in the shed, but the light levels were so low that it was really difficult to see the image on the ground glass – so I left that subject until I’ve fitted the fresnel lens which just arrived in the post.

The film was developed in HC-110, scanned on an Epson V700, and toned in Lightroom.


  1. Nice to see you in action with the intrepid Kevin . Do you use a dark cloth or some kind of hood to aid focusing / composition ?


    • For the first couple of times I repurposed a waterproof coat but this session was the first after I got a dark cloth. It does help but can’t work a miracle.


      • I abandoned using a dark cloth a pain on windy days. For my Toyo monorail I purchased an excellent focusing hood made for the Toyo . Pretty much like a prism hood you’d bolt on to a medium format camera . Although it had only a mirror fitted to allow you to see the image the right way up. It was very good at shutting out extraneous light . For my crown graphic I use a a cardboard box 4×5 and about 15 inch long painted black. Its light in weight folds flat and quickly and easily presented to the camera screen. A work colleague of mine was happy using a black cloth but always carried a 4×5 mirror to invert image to aid composition.


  2. Hi mate, nice to see someone else in the local area into amateur film photography. Im in Consett myself and have recently just got back into the world of film. Starting basic again as its over 10 years since I last had a darkroom. Just aquired a small fleet of Pentax ME/ME Super/MEF and a bargain MX. Picked up a Yashica Electro 35 RF as well today which I cant wait to try. Think a random trip to beamish this weekend will be on the books!

    Lovely blog anyway!


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