Location: Arcot Lake

Arcot Lake is a relatively little-known location to the south-west of Cramlington in Northumberland, a few miles north of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Click here to see the location in flashearth. The lake is actually quite close to a busy road, the A19, and for many years I passed by without realising it was closeby. The road that goes past the edge of the lake only really leads to a golf club so unless you play golf you’re not likely to go that way.

I first discovered this location through seeing photo’s by a Flickr contact Ali’s view; thanks Alison.

The main attraction at Arcot Lake, which makes it different to better-known local lakes such as, say, Bolam, is a large number of dead trees swamped by water in the south-western edge of the lake, which provide interesting photo material.

As the word “swamped” might suggest, it can rather, er, swampy, and wellingtons are highly recommended to enable you to get close to the best views whithout getting very wet.

All of the images below were taken on a Canon T90 with Kodak TMax 100 film.



One comment

  1. Hmmmm…… now this also looks like an excellent location. I spend quite a few weekends in Washington, so this is another for the list I think.

    I won’t take up your time by commenting on every post, but I can safely say that if there are many more items describing locations in this area then I shall be duly planning on visiting them – thanks for all the very useful information!


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