Rollei RPX25 at Allenbanks

I have used Rollei RPX25 only once before but I decided to buy three rolls with the intention of using it in pinhole cameras to force a longer exposure in bright conditions, compared to, say Ilford FP4+.

I have one roll half-used in a pinhole camera but changed my plan slightly by loading a roll of RPX25 into a Mamiya RZ67 for a trip to Allenbanks in Northumberland. I wanted to try out the Mamiya 110mm f2.8 lens which had recently been serviced, so I took just that one lens. There were some images I would have liked to take which would have required a wider lens, but on the other hand I was able to select enough images suitable for the 110mm lens, to finish the film.

I developed the film in HC110 Dilution B for 5 minutes, which is a time given on the inside of the box. I was fairly happy with the results although I think I’d give shorter development next time to protect the highlights. Since it’s generally thought to be not a good idea to develop for less than 5 minutes, I’d have to use Dilution H (1+62) which would require 10 minutes development, and reduce the time below 10 minutes.

The toning was added in Lightroom.


  1. RPX 25 is not a film I’ve tried. The lowest I’ve dropped asa to has been to Ilford Pan F, but I’ve thought about something low-speed for perhaps getting some motion blur effects without the need to filters.


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