Split-toned waterfall

I had a few hours to spare yesterday in between putting coats of paint on the lounge so I needed a photography activity to fill the gap. I’m waiting for some new print developer to arrive – my current 5-litre bottle has been on the go for about 3 years and is a bit suspect – so making new prints is on hold for a few days. Instead I decided to do some toning; I had just received a new kit of Fotospeed ST20 sepia toner, but before breaking that open I wanted to test out the remains of an older ST20 kit (again it had been open a few years) to see if it was still good. It turned out to be fine.

The waterfall is on the flanks of Mount Snowdon (the highest mountain in Wales) on a route known as the Watkin path. I used a 5×4 Intrepid camera loaded with Ilford FP4+ and printed the image on to 8×10 Ilford MGIV glossy paper a few weeks ago, before toning it yesterday in sepia then selenium.

This is a crop of the original image; a negative scan of the original is here.

Unfortunately, the paint on the lounge wall wasn’t so successful – the dry paint doesn’t look anything like the wet paint or the colour on the can – so now I’m going to do the job again with a different colour!

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