Gardens with 35mm Portra 160

Just a few images from a recent trip to a garden in Northumberland which was open under the National Gardens Scheme for an afternoon. The results are nothing special, but I’m locked out of my flickr account at the moment (does any website have a more troublesome login system than flickr ?) so I’m going to be using this blog more frequently just to display my images, without necessarily having anything to say.

I’ve been using two Olympus 35mm SLRs which I’ve purchased over the last few months – an OM10 and an OM2N. They’re both lovely little cameras and I’m thinking about selling some of my other 35mm cameras just to concentrate my 35mm use on these two.

On this occasion I used the OM10 with just a 50mm f1.8 lens, and Kodak Portra which I developed at home. I have been using the Fuji Hunt C41 kit, but for some reason – probably an accidental spillage – I found myself with plenty of the Fuji bleach and fixer left but no colour developer left. So I bought a couple of packs of the Firstcall pre-diluted C41 developer and used that alongside the remaining Fuji bleach, fixer, and stabiliser. C41 developing chemicals are standardised so this is no problem.

The negatives were scanned with Vuescan on an Epson V700 scanner. I have the ColorPerfect plug-in for Photoshop, and I scanned each negative both as a jpeg, and as an unprocessed tif for inversion in Color Perfect. In some cases, the Color Perfect version looked better than the “straight” scan, but in other cases it was the other way round. A rather time-consuming process but I did get some results I was reasonably happy with.

I have previously had a rather negative view (excuse the pun) of the quality of my 35mm colour negative images – sometimes I seem to have been struggling to get adequate sharpness and a pleasing colour balance. But I was pleased with these results and will shoot 35mm more often when it’s not a dedicated photography outing that demands medium format or large format.

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