Autumn in and around Glencoe

I gave a little taster from my week-long trip to Glencoe in a previous post entitled Two from one (day)which included two 4*5 black and white shots taken with TMax 100. It’s taken a while to get round the developing all the film but I’ve now developed all of the large format colour negative shots so thought I’d share some here. 

I still have a few 4×5 Fuji Provia slide films, a roll of 120 Portra 400, and four black and white 4×5 sheets to develop yet, so there may be more to share later.

All these images were shot on 4*5 Kodak Portra 400 on an Intrepid camera and developed at home before scanning on an Epson v700.

The River Etive at Triple Falls
Looking down the River Etive
Detail of the propellor of the abandoned boat at Corpach near Fort William
Rannoch Moor from Lochan na h-Achlaise. I showed a mono image from the same spot in my last post, but because of the clouds changing, the two iamges differ in more than colour

My current favourite shot from the trip – Rannoch Moor from Lochan na Stainge.

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