Location: Blawearie

Blawearie is the name of an old farmhouse in a remote location in north Northumberland, which has been empty since the 1940s. In the same area, there’s an iron-age hill fort with great views over the valley below, and interesting woodland.

I’m not going to give step-by-step instructions on where to walk, as I’ll assume that readers will have a map and some ability to use it. Although it’s not too far from a road, it can be a wild area in winter and tracks can be covered by snow so it’s best to take a map with you. If you click on the blue placeholders in the map above you’ll get some information on some of the points of interest.

All the photos below were taken on one trip in January 2011, during a snowy period, on film with either a Mamiya RZ67 anf Fuji Reala (medium format), an Olympus XA with 35mm Fuji Reala, or an Olmypus XA2 with 35mm Ilford XP2. Click on any of the images to enter a slideshow.

This location is actually just to the south of Hepburn Moor which I have previously blogged about, so if you want a longer walk and are comfortable navigating across moorland you could combine the two.

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