Location: Seaton Sluice

Seaton Sluice is a small village on the North East coast with a number of photographic points of interest. Wikipedia has a good history of the area here.

Here’s the location on Flashearth – there’s usually some parking space where the cross on the image is located.

I’ve grouped the points of interest into three categories – around the harbour, around the headland, and near Charleys’ Garden.

Around the harbour

Around the headland

Near Charleys’ Garden

Charleys’ Garden is a rock stack located here. When the stack was connected to the mainland, a man called Charley had a garden there – hence the name.  The area around the stack is, in my opinion, best photographed a couple of hours either side of high tide; near low tide there won’t be any water around the stack and it doesn’t look its’ best then.

There’s a set of steps leading down to the coast opposite the rock stack, not far from the excellent Castaways tea room, (open 10-5 each day except Monday) which is on the corner of Albert Road and Colywell Bay Road.

At the bottom of the steps there are some interesting rocks – I prefer to photograph close-ups of these rocks rather than the wider view of the rock stack. You don’t need “good” weather for this purpose, as an overcast sky, or even rain, will bring out the colours in the rocks.

The following images were all made on one very dull January morning, with Kodak Portra 160 film in a Mamiya RZ67 camera:


  1. Lovely spot, Seaton Sluice, and you’ve done it justice here. Especially liking the close-ups of the rocks.

    Think I’m going to commandeer my Canon A-1 film camera as my running buddy – loaded with Ilford HP-5 at the moment. May expand into colour film at some point, but figure that weighs more needing all that colour, so I may stick with the ultra-lightweight B+W. 🙂


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