Location: Walbottle Dene

A waterfall in Newcastle-upon-Tyne – and no, it’s not Jesmond Dene !

Waterfalls are not exactly common in Newcastle; most photographers will be familiar with the fall at Jesmond Dene, but there is another at Walbottle, on the other side of the city, which is not well known – I’ve never seen another photographer there.

View a map of the location here

The waterfall is on the northern edge of an area marked on the map as “Walbottle Brickworks Nature Reserve“, accompanied by a blue bird symbol. A public footpath is just north of the fall and leads from Walbottle to Blucher.

The site is within walking distance of my home and I’ve visited there a couple of times when heavy snowfalls have made travelling further afield difficult; a walk through deep snow with a camera rucksack and large tripod will make you appreciate a hot drink when you get back home !

As well as the waterfall, there is a “community orchard” and a few paths through woodland in the area which may provide some photo opportunities. In Autumn, take a bag to collect blackberries.

If you’re planning to take photos here, there are a few points to bear in mind:

– like many patches of green in urban areas, it’s not exactly in a pristine condition. There is some rubbish lying around; in particular a couple of car tyres may interfere with your composition.

– obviously, take care at the top of the waterfall where a path crosses the stream; if you fall over you’re not likely to be noticed quickly.

– to get to the foot of the waterfall you need to get down a steep and muddy bank with nothing much to hold on to; old clothes and wellingtons or walking boots are highly recommended.

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