4 x 5 in Teesdale

The Yashicamat got it’s day in the sun – actually it would be more accurate to say several days in the rain – on the Isle of Mull. It will be going off for a service as soon as I can find a box to pack it in. For now I’m trying to get back into 4×5 film.

I have used my Intrepid 4×5 a few times this year, but with a roll film adaptor rather than with 4×5 sheets. I had several film holders which had been loaded with 4×5 FP4+ since October 2020 – over a year ago. I had loaded them up ready for a trip to Ardnamurchan but the winds in that remore spot made using the Intrepid impractical, and I used the Mamiya RZ67 instead.

At some point during the twelve months + since they were loaded, the film holders had been put into a small fridge in the garage – probably during the warmer months as it’s pretty cold in the garage during winter. Bad idea! The holders must have suffered from condensation and so in many cases the film was stuck inside the holders and the attempts to remove them resulted in the film being torn …. an expensive mistake.

Eventually I accepted that most of this batch of film had to be sacrificed and I loaded some fresh Ilford HP5+ into two holders and drove to Cauldron Snout, an impressive cascade in upper Teesdale, County Durham. I’ve photographed there a few times with 35mm and medium format, and with a pinhole camera, but never with large format.

All the shots above were taken with a Fujinon 90mm f8 lens on Ilford HP5+ rated at box speed and developed in HC110, and toned in Lightroom.

As I walked back to the car, it became really foggy. I quite liked the experience, and since there is a good track – effectively a road but with no traffic – I wasn’t likely to get lost. I used an Olympus 35RC to capture some scenes of structures arising from the fog; I’ll share this in a later post once the film is finished, if they’re worth sharing.

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