More Kodak Vision 50D sample images – Fountains Abbey

I developed another five rolls of Kodak Vision film this week – three 50D and two rolls of 250D and I thought I would share some with you. Not because they’re great works of art but because they might be useful for anyone thinking of jumping into the use of this film, to see what they look like.

Overall, I’m quite happy with the technical image quality I’m getting from Kodak Vision 50D developed in ECN2 chemicals. In the past, when I’ve developed 35mm colour negative film, I’ve often felt that the IQ wasn’t quite as good as I’d end up wishing I’d shot medium format instead. With this film, the longing for medium format isn’t as strong. There’s no doubt a compact 35mm outfit has advantages in terms of weight and bulk, especially on a family outing when I’m likely to have limited time available to be setting up a tripod or searching for the ideal viewpoint.

I don’t have as much experience with the 250D variant yet – I’ll wait till I’ve shot a few more rolls before voicing my thoughts.


  1. Those look great. My initial experience with Vision3 250D was negative. I later realised this was due to the way the lab scanned them. I scanned the negatives at home using my Epson Perfection V600, Silverfast and Negative Lab Pro for Lightroom. I got much better results.

    It’s an expensive film so I’m back to shooting Kodak Pro Image 100.


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