Water features with Vision 50D cine film

I’ve been saving up for development some Kodak Vision 50D films since April 2021, so that I’m able to put a batch of films through the Bellini ECN2 kit whilst it’s fresh. This round of developing was a bit more of a faff than the previous two rounds because both my Jobo CPE2 rotary processor and my Cinestill TCS1000 processor have ceased functioning. The Jobo is no suprise since it’s decades old but the Cinestill is fairly new, but out of warranty. It gives an error code which is supposed to mean that the water level is below the minimum level – but that’s definately not the case.

So I was back to the low-tech method of colour development, using water baths. I used three different plastic storage boxes with water at different temperatures, and the chemicals held within the boxes:

  • Box 1 at 41 degrees C for the developer
  • Box 2 at 27 degrees for the pre-bath and the bleach
  • Box 3 between 27 and 38 degrees for the stop bath, bleach, fixer, and stabiliser. The temperature in this tank was 38 degrees to start with, which would have cooled during the process but still within the acceptable range.

In theory I could have just used two baths, as the minimum acceptable temperature (as stated in the Bellini instructions) for the stop bath, bleach, fixer, and stabiliser is 27 degrees; and the target temperature for the pre-batch and bleach is 27+/- 1 degree – but then I would need to know that the temperature wasn’t going to fall below 27 degrees.

I didn’t have total success in removing the remjet, as I had a lot of white marks on the images once scanned; but they didn’t take too long to remove using the “heal” tool in Photoshop.

Here are three sample images from the four films I developed in one batch, all taken at Alnwick Gardens in Northumberland with an Olympus OM2n loaded with Kodak Vision 50D.

I loaded these films from a bulk roll at a cost of about £1.75 per roll. Looking at the prices of 35mm colour film last night – about £12.75 a roll for Kodak Portra 160 – I’m glad I have this bulk roll despite the extra work involved in development!

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