It’s infrared time!

I’ve done very little photography in the last few weeks; the motivation deserted me. I even went on a couple of cycling trips without carrying any camera, apart from a smartphone. However on a family walk around Bolam Lake in Northumberland I noticed that the greenery was at its’ greenest, and the sunniness was at its’ most sunny. I decided it was time for infrared and returned a couple of days later with my Yashicamat 124G loaded with Rollei IR400 film. A Hoya r72 filter was attached to the Yashicamat, via a Bay 1 -> 46mm adaptor, and the film was developed in HC110 Dilution B.

I exposed the film at EI 8 which allowed 5 and two-thirds stops of compensation for the filter. I spot-metered of a gray card. In the past I’ve exposed at anything between 6 and 12 and felt these scenes needed 8 as it was quite shaded under the trees; but the images were a bit over-exposed so I’ll try 12 next time.

Anyway the trip worked to reignite my enthusiasm for photography and I went out again the next day with more infrared film – but that’s for another post.


  1. Lovely series!
    I know what you mean about motivation – I have virtually none.
    With luck and a following wind, this summer may provide more incentive than the last.
    Must get some Rollei IR400 film: did you use HC110 specifically or just because you happen to have it?
    I only ask because I’ve not done much IR, I could not easily obtain it in Oman; when I did bring some in, it got zapped by airport X-ray.
    Being back in UK, I’ve no excuse for not trying it.


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