Forgotten film

At the moment I’m engaged in going through all my black and white negatives and listing them on a spreadsheet to make it easier to find one when I want to create a darkroom print. In the process I found a sheet of 35mm negatives that I don’t think I ever scanned.

The film is Rollei IR400 but I’m racking my brains to try and remember what camera I used. There are some images taken at Tanfield Railway and I know that was the day that I dropped my Sekonic Twinmate meter down the railway cutting and couldn’t get it back. Maybe that bad memory has blocked out the memory of the camera involved.

There wasn’t much of value on the roll but I found these three that I liked. The first two are at Cragside House, a National Trust property near Rothbury in Northumberland, and the last was taken near Causey Arch, not far away from Tanfield Railway.

A baby elephant squashed against a stone wall


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