The Palm House in Belfast

I had a trip to Belfast for family reasons and had a couple of hours free in which to slowly walk to the bus station to catch a bus to the airprt. Just time enough to go and see the Palm House in the Botanic Gardens

The camera I had with me was the same as the previous post, a Rollei B35 with the same roll of Ilford Pan F Plus.

I took the following shot with my iPhone and wished I had some colour film with me …


  1. That is one thing I sometimes find frustrating with film photography when I have one type of film in my camera but then wish I had a different type but still need to use up the current film. With medium format itโ€™s not so bad because I only need to take 12 shots before Iโ€™m onto the next roll of film ๐Ÿ‘


    • You could get a second film back for your Hasselblad, to give a choice of film at the exense of more weight. I do sometimes carry a second camera with colour film but more recently I have often deliberately taken only one camera (possibly with a fixed lens). Whilst this does preclude the instant availability of an alternative film type, I do wonder if it makes me concentrate harder on finding images that suit the camera and film I have with me, which might improve the quality of my images.

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