Acros in Rome

Most readers know that Fuji Acros film was killed off by Fuji at some time in the last year, then sort of reprieved, with an announcement that Acros Mark II would be available some time soon.

I’ve used Acros a little in 120 format in the past, mainly for pinholes where the ability to ignore reciprocity failure for exposures of up to 2 minutes is very welcome; but I hadn’t shot much of it in cameras with lenses and none at all in 35mm until my Rome holiday. I loaded the Acros into an Olympus OM2 and developed the film in Kodak HC110 developer dilution B.

I was very pleased with the relatively fine grain and the shadow detail of the resulting negatives. I like fine grain and Acros scores better than my default choice for films in the ISO100 to 125 range, which is Ilford FP4+. But it’s also more expensive (extremely expensive in the case of large format) so I’ll have to see how much the new stock sells for before I decide to buy any more. There are another three rolls of 35mm Acros in the fridge.

Given that these images are mainly of subjects several thousand years old, I decided to process most of them (in Lightroom) with a warm “vintage” tone. I like it now but might have gone of the toning by next week …


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