The Ondu has landed …

Nearly a year after making my Kickstarter pledge, this lovely Ondu wooden pinhole camera was delivered from Slovenia to my UK home yesterday. I have a feel that it will prove to be worth the wait. Financially it made sense to back the Kickstarter appeal, since I paid 90 Euros and the current price is 147 euros.

The model I chose is th “6*12 Multiformat”; by moving two wooden dividers inside, images of 6*6cm, 6*9cm, and 6*12cm can be created. In the image below, you can see the three sets of angled lines that give an indication of the edges of the view for each format.


I’ve loaded a roll of Ilford FP4+, with the dividers set for 6*6cm images; although I like the wider formats too I want to create some darkroom prints from pinhole images, and my enlarger only goes up to 6*7cm.

I’m fully confident that the basic operations will work fine so I’m not going to rush through a “test film”; hence it might be a few weeks before I have results to show.





  1. That’s very interesting – and a nice looking thing, too. I’ve been experimenting with a P-Sharan carboard pinhole camera, but it’s even more basic. Maybe I’ll upgrade at some point.I’d like some decent sized negatives to make Cyanotypes from.


  2. Mine has arrived too but haven’t put a roll through it yet because the piece that covers the pinhole doesn’t seem to completely cover and I’m concerned i’m going to get a light leak. I’ve tried to adjust it but can’t make it right. So I’ll do a roll I don’t care about and see what happens.


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