A walk around Berwick with Fomapan 100

After my exploration of the rocks at Spittal (see here) I took a less formal walk around with Spittal with just a 35mm camera and a Yashicamat. I wasn’t sure what was loaded in the Yashicamat but the film counter said there was 2 shots left … errm… as it turned out there was no film in the Yashicamat. See, many cameras don’t activate the film counter when there is no film loaded, but the Yash does, and it has no film reminder holder, so that’s my excuse ..

The 35mm was the Olympus 35ECR which I have previously written about, loaded with my first roll of Fomapan 100. My reason for the using the Olympus was, obscurely, that I had recently purchased and ran a roll of Poundland Agfa Vista through the slightly-similar Olympus 35RC, and that reminded me of the Olympus 35ECR and I wanted to check it was still working.

The film was more grainy than I expected for an ISO100 film -perhaps I have been spoilt by using TMax 100 –  but at least it wasn’t curly to load into the developing reel or to scan. I developed in Kodak TMax Developer and after scanning applied a light gold tone in Adobe Lightroom.

I probably won’t buy any more Fomapan, but I have another roll loaded in the new Olympus 35RC, and will blog about that camera when the roll is finished. I’m also waiting for a couple of rolls of Polypan-F to try out. Yes, I know I said “Farewell to 35mm” but these are just side projects for a bit of fun, not serious photography, let alone (ahem) “fine art” photography.

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