Church interiors

A few shots here from the Church of St Michael and All Angels, in Howick, North Northumberland. I took these with a Mamiya RZ67 loaded with Kodak TMax 100 film, developed in Fotospeed FD10 diluted 1+9 for 9 minutes.



2013-5-21, RZ67, Howick Church, Tmax 100,  FD10 1+9 9mins, 005

2013-5-21, RZ67, Howick Church, Tmax 100,  FD10 1+9 9mins, 002

I was a bit dismayed that I failed to notice the camera and tripod being reflected in the orb at the bottom of the image – there’s a ghostly image of me too, shuffling about during the 8-second exposure. Must try harder to check what’s in the view next time.

I’m not one for excessive pixel-peeping but I think it’s worth showing a 100% crop from the shot above. Not only is the text clear and crisp, but if you look at the blank line sections, you can see text from the other side of the thin page showing through. This is one reason why Kodak TMax 100 is my favourite black and white film.

bible text


The church is adjacent to the estate of Howick Hall Gardens – I’ll post some images from the gardens once I get some Fuji Provia slides processed.



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  1. […] Finally, a reminder that there are some mono images from the inside of Howick Church in the previous blog entry. […]

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